The company Abacus Analytical Systems GmbH makes and delivers the Biotechnology equipment to Russia and CIS countries. We develop systems on a small scale that generate results that can be scaled to production scale.

All products are supplied with a full package of documentation (IQ, OQ), that provides compliance cGMP, GAMP and FDA.

The advantages of working with equipment Abacus for large enterprises and scientific institutions:

  • The Abacus company represents a full line of bioreactors for a variety working modes: sterilized or single-use bioreactors with a volume of 0.1 l to 2000 liters or more, compatible control software, controllers of different power.
  • Strategy of investment protection: once bought controller can control a wide range of  volumes of reactors and features, including the newly acquired equipment of competitors. The modular design allows all the reactors for a long time to develop economically and convert to the new processes once the purchased device.
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