Project Description

UNICUBE® trace

Matrix independent determination of N and C at trace levels.

Low-level nitrogen and carbon determination in solids and highly viscous liquids

The specialty and outstanding feature of the UNICUBE trace is the combination of the highly sensitive thermal conductivity detection with the DUMAS method which involves the removal of interfering gases during reduction. This results in a matrix independent detection with very high sensitivity tailored for trace analysis of nitrogen and carbon.

Some of the analysis features of the UNICUBE trace are:

  • Sample digestion via catalytic combustion at 950 °C
  • Reduction of the combustion products on a reduction tube
  • Removal of unwanted combustion products like H2O and SO2
  • Measurement of CO2 and N2 by thermal conductivity

The UNICUBE trace is designed for:

  • Easy, low-maintenance operation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Stable and reliable performance (10 year warranty for furnace & detector)
  • Easy calibration for any sample thanks to Matrix-independent analysis
  • Quantitative sample digestion at temperatures up to 1200 °C
  • Sample size from < 1 mg up to 1 g
  • Measuring Range of up to 50 mg C and 10 mg N absolute, from ppm to 100%
  • LOD of 10 ppm for N and C
  • Matrix-independent multipoint calibration
  • Optional 21 CFR part 11 compliant software available
  • Only few minutes analysis time
  • Just on power supply and 2 operating gases needed
  • Takes up just 48 x 55 cm of benchtop space
  • No aggressive or toxic chemicals needed
  • Full digitalization of the instruments
  • Remote operation possible
  • Integrated 120 position autosampler
  • Minimized gas consumption
  • Low cost of ownership


  • Sample feeder for larger samples up to 1 ml
  • Vario liquid sampler (VLS)
  • Manual gas / liquid injection system


  • Sample former with pressing tool
  • Manual pressing tool
  • Capsule Press
  • Electronic microbalance

Not available.

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