Project Description

trace SN cube

The Analyzer for very low concentrations of Sulfur and Nitrogen

Precise determination of sulfur and nitrogen in the trace and ultra trace range

The trace SN cube combines two complete combustion and detection channels in one instrument. This enables the trace SN cube to provide ideal analytical conditions for each sample. Using the vario trace SN liquid injection system together with a proven combustion technique the trace SN cube is an outstanding analyzer for the most sensitive detection of S & N.

Two Analyzers in one instrument

By combining two different instruments into a multi-purpose solution, laboratory space is effectively saved and costs are reduced. The instrument fully complies with the standards ASTM D 5453, D 6667, D 4629 and DIN ISO 20846, so that the user can always rely on a safe and fully automatic trace analysis with the trace SN cube.

  • Two Systems in one – 2 separated combustion & detection channels
  • Direct injection of liquids in separate ports for N and S
  • Septum free injection
  • Combustion at temperatures up to 1150 °C
  • Maximum injection volume of 80 µL liquid or 10 mL gas
  • Purge & Trap Technique
  • CLD and UV-Fluorescence detection (ASTM compliant)
  • Measurement range from 0 – 1000 ppm S and N
  • LOD 6 ppB for S & 15 ppb for N
  • Compliant with industry standards: ASTM D 6920, D 4629, D 5453, D 6667, D 6069, Din ISO 51444 and 20846
  • Vario Liquid Sampler (VLS)
  • Upgrade kit – chlorine analysis
  • LPG sampler
  • Solids option, manual feeding / or automatic feeding
  • N-excess module
Not available.

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