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TEA 4000

The TEA 4000 – the best solution for trace analysis in your lab, factory or even mobile.

The TEA 4000 is a polarographic analyzer with a very small footprint that provides maximum performance at low purchase and operating costs.
It offers full experiment control and data evaluation via PC with the supplied measurement software. The optional field module enables mobile use for maximum flexibility.

Some of the areas in which the TEA 4000 can be used include the following:

  • Environmental analysis: water and soil
  • Tribo-analysis in the engine industry.
  • Monitoring of wastewater and process water.
  • Quality assurance in
    • Food production
    • Metal, electronics or chemical industry
  • Purity analysis e.g. in electroplating & metallurgy
  • … and other applications

Some of the outstanding features of the TEA 4000 at a glance:

  • Minimized space requirements thanks to compact design
  • Simple sample preparation
  • Simultaneous detection of several elements
  • Use without inert gases possible
  • Low operating costs
  • Very low detection limits

The versatility of the TEA 4000 is clearly visible in the range and variety of applications. Here is a list of some possible applications of the TEA 4000:

Cations (heavy metals) in water

  • Zinc, cadmium, lead and copper
  • Manganese and iron
  • Arsenic
  • Chrome
  • Silver

Anions in water

  • Sulphites and thiosulphates
  • Chlorides and bromides
  • Phosphates
Organic compounds

  • Vitamin C in fruit juices and jams
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
  • Vitamin B6 in multivitamin tablets
  • Coumarin in Vodka
  • Fructose in fruits

Other applications

  • Lead, copper and zinc in sugar
  • Copper and lead in wine
  • Lead, cadmium, iron, copper and zinc in lubricating oil
  • Arsenic in phosphoric acid
Technical specifications:

Name: TEA 4000
Product type: Polarograph for trace analysis of ions
Sweep voltage range: ± 2.5 V
Sweep rate: DC, CV 1 V/s with voltage step 10 mV
Sweep rate (per measuring point): DP 66 mV/s with voltage step 10 mV
Current range: 10 nA – 2 mA
Minimum current: 0.1 nA
Control: With PC via USB
Current supply: Power-supply unit, battery pack or car-adapter; 12 VDC
Dimensions: 27 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm
Weight: 3 kg

Measuring modes

  • DC Direct current
  • DCS Direct current stripping
  • DP Differential pulse
  • DPS Differential pulse stripping
  • CV Cyclic voltametry
  • CVS Cyclic voltametry stripping

Detection limits (selection)

Cd 0.05 ppb Mn 0.5 ppb
Cr 0.01 ppb Tl 5 ppb
Cu 0.05 ppb Fe 5 ppb
Hg 0.03 ppb NO2 10 ppb
Ni 0.01 ppb NO3 50 ppb
Pb 0.05 ppb Cl 1 ppb
Zn 0.05 ppb PO43- 20 ppb
Co 0.01 ppb SO42- 20 ppb
As 0.5 ppb S2- 10 ppb
Se 1 ppb

The TEA 4000 already includes the following articles:

  • measuring cell, stirrer with rod & hammer
  • HMDE Hanging mercury drop electrode
  • GC and Au working electrode (PTFE)
  • Ag/AgCl reference electrode (PTFE)
  • Pt auxiliary electrode (PTFE)
  • polishing kit for the electrodes
  • power supply & USB connection cable
  • measuring software and manuals


  • Field Module Upgrade for field measurements
  • including battery, charger and Field Kit


  • Inert gas, one way bottle for the field case
  • Field Kit with 7 polarography standards
  • Lab Kit with 18 polarography standards


  • HMDE Hanging mercury drop electrode
  • Au Working electrode (PTFE)
  • Pt Working electrode (PTFE)
  • GC Working electrode (PTFE)
  • Ag Working electrode (PTFE)
  • Ag/AgCl Reference electrode (PTFE)
  • Hg2/Hg2Cl2 Reference electrode (PTFE)
  • Hg/HgSO4 Reference electrode (PTFE)
  • Ag/AgCl Reference electrode (Glass)
  • Hg2/Hg2Cl2 Reference electrode (Glass)
  • Hg/HgSO4 Reference electrode (Glass)
  • Pt Auxiliary electrode (PTFE)
  • Pt Auxiliary electrode (Glass)

Method Handbook


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