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soli TOC® cube

The versatile analyzer for temperature dependent differentiation of carbon in solids

The soli TOC® cube allows the determination of organic (TOC) and inorganic carbon (TIC) as well as measurement of the remaining oxidizable carbon (ROC). It can work with the classical direct and differentiation method according to DIN 15936 as well as with the temperature ramp method according to DIN 19539. The temperature ramp method does not require sample preparation or the use of acids and measures the carbon content simply and reliably.

The soli TOC® cube allows the measurement of TOC, TIC and ROC in the following matrices:

  • Waste
    • Waste incinerator ash
    • Excavated material
    • Foundry sand, slags
    • Recycling material, household wastes
  • Sludges
    • Slurry
    • Sewage sludge
  • Mine tailings
  • Cement

It is optimized for high throughput and a particularly precise and fast temperature control. The heating steps and heating rates are fully configurable by the user and ensure high flexibility.

Some outstanding features of the soli TOC® cube at a glance:

  • Autosampler with 89 positions accessible and loadable at any time
  • Optimized for unattended 24/7 operation
  • Crucible technology with robot arm and automatic ash removal
  • Quantitative oxidation with post-combustion catalysis
  • Precise temperature measurement directly at the crucible for highest accuracy
  • Analysis of TOC, TIC, ROC with high sensitivity IR and optional TN with EC
  • Operating modes: TOC/ROC/TIC, TOC/TIC, TOC/ROC, TOC, TIC, ROC, TN (optional), TOC/ROC/TIC/TN (optional)
  • 89 Position autosampler
  • Up to 3 g sample weight
  • Reusable ceramic and steel crucibles
  • Automatic ash removal
  • Active cooling system
  • Fully software controlled
  • LOD below 20 ppm
  • Matrix-independent multipoint calibration
  • soliTIC – upgrade for TIC analysis in solids via safe acid digestion of ground solids (0,5µg-100mg TIC absolute)
  • Nitrogen detection via electrochemical cell
  • Complete control and evaluation unit with hard- and software, monitor and printer
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