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rapid OXY cube®

High quality, matrix-independent oxygen analysis

Newly developed state-of-the-art oxygen analyzer

The rapid OXY cube is an elemental analyzer specially designed for matrix-independent, high precision oxygen analysis. The newly developed instrument enables full conversion from sample oxygen to carbon monoxide, even persistent organic substances are completely digested at temperatures up to 1450 °C. These extreme analysis conditions, possible due to recent technology improvements, enable unprecedented precision and a large dynamic measurement range with sample weight of below 1 mg and up to 300 mg.

The novel backflush technology provides full separation of nitrogen and carbon monoxide to guarantee highly accurate and reliable analysis with a standard deviation below 0.1 % absolute.

The rapid OXY cube allows for fully automated & unattended overnight operation. The glassy carbon combustion tube lasts up to thousands of samples.

  • Very low background signal
  • Purge & trap technology
  • Full separation carbon monoxide via backflush technology
  • Measuring Range from ppm to 100% or 6 mg O absolute
  • Calibration stable over months
  • Analysis takes a few minutes and only uses Helium as carrier gas
  • No aggressive or toxic chemicals needed
  • Requires only 48 x 55 cm of benchtop space
  • Integrated 120 position autosampler
  • Optional 21 CFR part 11 compliant software available
  • Full digitalization of the instrument
  • Remote operation possible
  • Multipoint calibration


  • 80 position autosampler for larger samples
  • Vario Liquid Sampler (VLS)
  • Preparation for UPS (uninterruptible power supply) connection


  • Electronic microbalance
  • Manual pressing tool
  • Sample former with pressing tool
  • Capsule Press
Not available.

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