Project Description

rapid N exceed®

Time for a change in protein analysis

Meet the most economic and innovative nitrogen/protein analyzer according to Dumas

The rapid N exceed® is designed to perform routine analyses of samples of food and feed with sizes of up to 1 g on a day to day basis. It represents a step to the next level of analytical technology by using a completely new method of reduction of nitric oxides and absorption of excess oxygen in the analysis gas. Due to a defined redox process (patent pending) the reduction agent is produced automatically during operation, enabling the reduction reactor to be used for several thousand samples. This makes the rapid N exceed a fast, safe and environmentally friendly analyzer.

Other benefits of the rapid N exceed® at a glance:

  • Long lifetime and 10-year guarantee
  • Few maintenance interventions and control samples
  • EAS REGAINER® and EAS REDUCTOR® technologies
  • CO2 as carrier gas to save finite source helium
  • Fast protein analysis in under 4 minutes
  • More than 300 runs a day
  • Steel tubes instead of quartz glass
  • Matrix-independent analysis and exact results due to afterburning and oxygen dosing
  • 24/7 Operation for 365 days a year possible
  • Dumas high temperature combustion method for nitrogen and proteins according to AOAC, DIN/ISO, EN and many international standards
  • Sample sizes up to 1 g
  • Integrated autosampler with 60 positions
  • Autosampler for 80 or 120 positions optional
  • Measuring Range from ppm to 100% or 500 mg N absolute
  • 4 min analysis time, > 300 samples per day possible
  • Multipoint calibration
  • Optional 21 CFR part 11 compliant software available
  • Needs just 48 x 55 cm benchtop space
  • Remote service possible
  • Full digitalization of the instrument electronics


  • 80 Position autosampler for samples of up to 500 mg
  • 120 Position autosampler for samples up to 300 mg
  • Manual gas/liquid injection
  • Preparation for UPS (uninterruptible power supply)


  • Electronic microbalance balance
  • Sample former with pressing tool
  • Manual pressing tool
  • Capsule press
  • Control and evaluation unit (Windows PC, TFT screen, printer, Mouse, keyboard)
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