Project Description

rapid CS cube

The special sulfur and carbon analyzer

Industry-leading performance in the analysis of carbon and sulfur

The rapid CS cube uses Elementars decades of experience in CHNS + O analysis to provide the user with optimized sample handling and reliability of precision. It combines unmatched analytical performance with maximum operational efficiency and automation to meet the specific needs of the users and laboratories all around the world.

The rapid CS cube utilizes a fast and sensitive IR photometer to detect SO2 and CO2. The detection features have been specifically tailored to the high demands of sulfur and carbon analysis to ensure high precision, sensitivity and ease of use for users working with coal, soil and waste samples.

Users of the rapid CS cube can expect:

  • Unparalleled analytical performance
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Fully-automated combustion and analysis
  • Impressive efficiency and speed
  • Robustness and Reliablity
  • Permanent temperature 1200 °C, during combustion 1800 °C
  • In pure oxygen fully conversion of sulfur to SO2, even for BaSO4
  • Measuring Range of 0-100% or 20 mg S absolute, 0-100% or up to 40 mg C absolute
  • detection of S down to 1 ppm or 0,2 µg
  • Sample size from < 1 mg up to 1 g
  • Integrated autosampler for 60 large samples
  • Automatic analysis of up to 120 samples optional
  • Optional 21 CFR part 11 compliant software available
  • High throughput of 120 samples in approx. 10 hours possible
  • use of pelleting techniques or tin capsules to inject the samples


  • Upgrade kit – chlorine analysis
  • Sample feeder plate
  • Preparation for UPS (uninterruptible power supply)


  • Electronic microbalance
  • Solid sample former to make tin capsule and pellets
  • Pressure reducing valve for oxygen
  • Sample feeder plate for up to 80 samples
  • Sample feeder for up to 120 samples
Not available.

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