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Progeny™ ResQ™

Raman spectroscopy for Analysis of Suspect Materials

The Progeny™ ResQ™ 1064 nm handheld Raman analyzer provides emergency responders, law enforcement agencies and the military with the industry’s most advanced yet easy-to-use CBRNE detection system. It offers fast fluorescence free identification of chemical threats, explosives and illegal drugs.

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Rapid, Reliable Results with Lab Quality

Emergency services, border guards and law enforcement agencies are confronted with a multitude of potential dangers and new sophisticated methods in the field of drug trafficking and hazardous substances. The Progeny™ ResQ™ supports the work of the emergency services by:

  • Simple operation – results after only three button presses – even when wearing M3 type protective clothing
  • Clearly presented results within seconds
  • A continuously growing database with more than 12500 substances – expandable by the users
  • A rugged design, waterproof (IP68) and certified to MIL-Spec 810G – easy decontamination in the field
  • The possibility to measure through many types of containers – no direct contact with the sample is necessary.

With the Progeny™ ResQ™, emergency services can react quickly and safely to incidents on site and thus maintain public safety. The device starts up in only 40 seconds, so that the first result can be obtained in less than a minute.

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4C™ Technology – Detecting Criminal Intent & Threats

Individual substances from which drugs or explosives can be produced are not always easily recognized, so that possible criminal intentions or even immediate threats are recognized too late or not at all. The 4C™ mode makes this problem a thing of the past. After switching to 4C™ mode, the recorded results are combined by an algorithm over a defined period of time. If illegal substances can be produced from the measured samples, the device displays the potential illegal substance and sends out an alarm so that the user can react accordingly.

Integrated Digital Camera & Barcode Scanner

The integrated camera allows the recording of images of the measured sample as well as the reading of QR and barcodes for fast and reliable documentation.

 The Progeny™ ResQ™ has been specifically designed to meet the needs of those who encounter stressful and unpredictable settings.

Features include:

  • A smartphone-inspired user interface with touchscreen display
  • Navigation via large buttons according to military specifications
  • Slim design that allows one-handed operation
  • MIL-STD 810G & IP-68 certified, rugged and durable
  • Easy to decontaminate.

 The Progeny™ ResQ™ is no ordinary analytical device, it is tailor-made system for:

  • Fire fighters and civil protection
  • Emergency doctors and paramedics
  • Police
  • Border management and customs
  • Military
  • CBRN explorer

Name: Progeny ResQ

Type: Handheld Raman spectrometer

Excitation wavelength: 1064 nm

Optical Power: 30-490 mW

Spectral range: 200- 2500 cm-1

Spectral resolution: 8-11 cm-1

Detector: TE cooled InGaAs

Standard Library:  More than 12500 compounds including CWA, explosives, TIC/TIM, narcotics

Certification: MIL-STD 810 G & IP-68

Regulatory compliance:

SWGDRUG Category A technique for presumptive testing

FDA21 CFR Part 11

4C™-Technology: included

Connectivity: USB, WLAN

Digital camera: included, with barcode scanner

User Interface: Bright and large touchscreen, large softkey buttons

Battery: two rechargeable Li-Po batteries included

Size: 29.9 cm x 8.1 cm x 7.4 cm

Weight: 1.6 kg

Progeny™ ResQ™ (Cat. Nr. 1006877):

  • 490 mW Laser, adjustable in 5mW steps
  • Rigaku substance database (12500+ substances), including narcotics, explosives, pesticides, steroids, CWA, industrial chemicals
  • Adjustable base adapter with tablet holder
  • Vial Holder
  • 2 Li-batteries with charger and power supply
  • Benzonitrile Calibration Reference Standard
  • Rugged carrying case and hand strap
  • Integrated 5 MP camera/barcode reader
  • 4C™ mode
  • WiFi & USB
  • Rigaku Syn Software
  • 24 months warranty

 Progeny ResQ™ FLX (Cat. Nr. 1021239):

  • 490 mW Laser, adjustable in 5mW steps
  • Basic database with 700+ narcotics and cutting agents and 400+ household chemicals
  • Adjustable base adapter with tablet holder
  • 1 Li-battery and power supply
  • Benzonitrile Calibration Reference Standard
  • Rugged carrying case and hand strap
  • Integrated 5 MP camera/barcode reader
  • WiFi & USB
  • Rigaku Syn Software
  • 12 months warranty
  • Additional databases and 4C™ mode available for purchase
  • Rigaku Library Add-On (Cat. Nr. 1021238):
    (12000+ Compounds), incl. narcotics, explosives, pesticides, steroids, CWA, industrial chemicals
  • Database for Toxic Industrial Chemicals & Pesticides (Cat. Nr. 1021233)
    Contains spectra of 174 toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and pesticides
  • Database for Explosives & Precursors (Cat. Nr. 1021234)
    Contains spectra of 187 explosives and precursors
  • Database for Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) (Cat. Nr.  1021235)
    Contains spectra of 47 CWAs
  • Rigaku ResQ™ 4C™ Mode (Cat. Nr. 1021283):
    The Rigaku ResQ™ 4C™ mode continuously monitors the measured data to identify and warn of potential threats.
  • Rigaku ResQ™ Custom Library (Cat. Nr. 1021282):
    Enables the user to create his own libraries
  • Rigaku ResQ™ Custom Applications (Cat. Nr. 1021281):
    Enables the user to create his own Applications

Vial Holder (Cat. Nr. 1012438)

Provides customizable settings for vials of different sizes.

Bottle Adapter (Cat. Nr. 1013313)

Provides customizable settings to optimize the analysis of materials contained in bottles of varying width

Tablet/universal Holder (Cat. Nr. 1014097)

Offers customizable settings for tablets and capillaries of different sizes

Docking-Station (Cat. Nr. 1006107)

Enables easy transfer of analysis data to servers or other locations and enables charging of the device. It gives users with multiple devices the ability to easily transfer custom libraries.

Replacement Battery (Cat. Nr. 1004596)

Holster (Cat. Nr. 1012786)

Protective Boot, rubber, grey (Cat. Nr. 1017860)

 Wrist Strap (Cat. Nr.  1013290)

Only the most common accessories are listed here, if you are interested in other accessories, please write an email to

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