Project Description


Programmable VIS spectrometer for reliable analyses in research and industry

The basic programmable VIS spectrometer for routine operation

Our new programmable VIS spectrometer M108 is designed for easy routine operation with focus on high robustness. The manual spectrometer has a wavelength range of 325-1000 nm and a spectral bandwidth of 4 nm with low stray light (0.1 %T at 340 nm).
It has a four-line LCD display with 20 characters, a keypad with nine keys and stepper motors for wavelength and filters.
It allows storage of up to 200 methods for extensive analysis projects.

Some of the functions of the M108 at a glance:

  • Stores up to two hundred methods/results
  • Concentration calibration with up to eight standards and up to three repeats
  • Selectable wavelength calibration and dark current measurement
  • Wavelength range 325 – 1000nm
  • bandwidth 4nm
  • Low stray light (0.1%T at 340nm)
  • Large sample compartment (for cuvettes up to 100 mm path length)
  • Manual 4-cell changer & four 10mm glass cells included
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Optional software for wavelength scan, concentration curves, DNA/protein measurements, kinetics mode and multi-wavelength test

Type: manual Spectrophotometer for visible light

Spectral range: 325- 1000 nm

Wavelength Accuracy: ± 2 nm

Wavelength Repeatability: ± 1 nm

Bandpass: 4 nm

Noise: < 0.001A @ 500 nm

Zero Drift: < 0.003A/h after warm up

Stray Light: < 0.1%T @ 340 nm

Photometric Range: -1 – 2.5 A, 0-125%T

Photometric Accuracy: ±1%, 0-2 A

Light source: Tungsten-Halogen

Detector: Silicon Photodiode

Monochromator: 1200 lines/mm grating

Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth

User Interface: 4 lines x 20 character LED

Size: 510 mm x 420 mm cm x 210 mm (packed 645 mm x 535 mm x 370 mm)

Weight: 14 kg (packed 17 kg)

The M108 includes the following articles:

  • 4 Position 10 mm cell changer
  • 4 x glass cells
  • dust cover & user manual


  • Test tube v-type holder (for 100 mm long tubes with 8-25 mm diameter)
  • Adjustable micro-cell holder
  • 4 cell holder for 5-50 mm cells
  • 4 cell holder for 100 mm cells
  • Holder for 1 x 100 mm cylindrical cell
  • Thermostatted 10 mm cell holder (requires water bath)
  • Processor controlled sipper (requires flow cell)
  • Peltier system for 10 mm cells (15-40 °C)
  • Cell stirrer for 10 mm cells
  • Printer (Bluetooth)
  • control & measurement software (plain software or preinstalled on a PC)

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