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Dionex™ Integrion™ HPIC™ System

Meet your routine ion analysis demands using the easy-to-use and reliable Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Integrion™ HPIC™ system.

This system performs versatile and efficient analyses through comprehensive application solutions and interactive wellness features. The Dionex Integrion system’s flexible detector configurations meet your analysis needs for today and tomorrow. Its high-pressure capabilities enable faster analysis without compromising data quality. Use the system’s automated eluent generation (EG) to eliminate error-prone manual eluent preparation and achieve better method reproducibility.

Maximum System Uptime:

  • Consumables Device Monitor: Prevents consumable installation errors; logs consumable use and performance
  • Consumables Smart Monitor: Tracks system and consumable performance
  • High-pressure up to 5000 psi: Obtain results faster without compromise to data quality using 4 µm columns

Intuitive Design:

  • Logical flow-path: easy component access on a compact platform
  • Detachable tablet: access to clearly presented IC controls in local language
  • Easy install IC PEEK Viper Fittings: low dead volume, no training or tools

Consistent Results:

  • Detector compartment: thermally regulated environment for reproducible, sensitive detection
  • Forced-air column oven: regulates temperature from 5°C above ambient to 80°C
  • Choice of high-performance conductivity or amperometric detection: meet your changing demands
  • Automated eluent generation (EG): Better performance and reproducibility, eliminates error-prone manual eluent preparation
  • Wide range of columns


Dual-piston (in series), microprocessor controlled, constant 10 mm primary stroke length, variable speed Isokinetic with Eluent Precompression

Chemically inert, metal-free PEEK pump heads and flow path; compatible with aqueous eluents from pH 0–14 and reversed-phase solvents such as methanol and acetonitrile

Pressure Range:
0–41 MPa (0–6000 psi)

Flow Rate Range:
0.000–10.000 mL/min with ability to set flow increments at 0.001 mL/min

Flow Rate Precision:
< ±0.1% Flow Rate Accuracy:
< ±0.1% Pressure Ripple:
< 1% at 1.0 mL/min, typical Vacuum Degasser:
Integrated, optional

Piston Seal Wash:
Optional, automatic operation

Eluent On/Off Valve:
Electrically actuated, standard

Leak Sensor:
Optical, standard

Eluent Generator

Eluent Types:
Up to two eluent generator cartridges KOH, LiOH, NaOH; Carbonate; Carbonate/Bicarbonate; MSA

Eluent Concentration Range:
0.1–100 mM

Flow Rates:

  • 0.1–3 mL/min
  • 1.0 mL/min eluent concentration is limited

Maximum Operating Pressure:

Dionex EGC 500 cartridge: 35 MPa (5000 psi)

Maximum Solvent Concentration:

  • Cations: 0%
  • Anions (hydroxide): 25% methanol (KOH, NaOH and LiOH cartridges)
  • Anions (carbonate/bicarbonate): None

Gradient Profiles:
Standard – any combination of linear, convex and concave positive and negative gradient profiles

Physical Specifications

Power Requirements:
100–240 V ac, 50-60 Hz autoranging

Operating Temperature:
4–40 °C (40–104 °F); cold-room compatible (4 °C) as long as system power remains on

Operating Humidity Range:
5–95% relative, noncondensing

Control Modes:
Full control through front panel and Chromeleon CDS software; alternative control through TTL or relay closures; two relay outputs, two TTL outputs, four programmable inputs

USB Communication Protocol:
One USB input; one built-in two-output USB hub

Leak Detection:
Built-in, optical sensor

Dimensions (h × w × d):
62.5 × 30.0 × 55.9 cm (24.6 × 11.8 × 22 inches)

41 kg (90 lb)

  • Dionex Integrion Base System (cat. No. 22153-60201)
  • Dionex Integrion Base System with Column Oven (cat. No. 22153-60202)
  • Dionex Integrion System with Conductivity Detector (CD) (cat. No 22153-60203)
  • Dionex Integrion System with Conductivity Detector (CD), Column Oven, and Degas (cat. No. 22153-60204)
  • Dionex Integrion RFIC System with Electrochemical Detector (ED), Column Oven, Degas, RFIC, and Wi-Fi (cat. no . 22513-60207)
  • Dionex Integrion RFIC System with Conductivity Detector (CD), Column Oven, Degas, RFIC, and Wi-Fi (cat. No. 22513-60208)

If you are interested in getting further information about additional equipment and consumables please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use our contact formular in the section “contact” or check out the responsible person under “Team”.


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