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Dionex™ AutoTrace™ 280 Solid-Phase Extraction Instrument

Extract analytes of interest from large volume aqueous samples easily and efficiently with the Dionex™ Thermo Scientific™ AutoTrace™ 280 Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) Instrument.

The Dionex™ Thermo Scientific™ AutoTrace 280 automates all four steps of SPE (conditioning, loading, rinsing, and eluting), reducing solvent consumption and improving recovery and reproducibility. Boost productivity and reduce cost of analysis by simultaneously processing up to six samples in 2-3 hours with only 15 minutes of operator involvement. The AutoTrace 280 meets requirements in US EPA methods including the 500 and 600 series. Isolate trace organics from large-volume aqueous matrices using the Dionex™ Thermo Scientific™ AutoTrace™ 280 SPE system. The automated system traps and concentrates analytes of interest so that one run can accommodate 6 samples in 2 to 3 hours with only 15 minutes of operator time. Typical applications include PAH, PCB, PCDD, PCDF, pesticides, herbicides, flame retardants, semivolatiles, nitrosamines, and steroids.

Improved reliability and recovery:

  • Automated SPE minimizes operator intervention
  • Positive pressure loading and elution of samples and solvents provide constant flow for improved analytical precision

Flexibility in operation:

  • Loads sample volumes from 20 mL to 4 L
  • Compatible with 1, 3, and 6 mL cartridges and with 47 mm SPE disks
  • Automatically conditions, rinses, and elutes SPE cartridges with a choice of five solvents
  • Offers a choice of six different collection vial racks

Improved laboratory safety:

  • Minimal sample handling reduces operator exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • No hood required

Enhanced laboratory productivity and reduced costs:

  • Unattended operation
  • Batch processing of up to 6 samples
  • Reduced solvent usage
  • Segregates aqueous and solvent waste using separate waste lines for efficient, cost-effective waste handling

Supports a range of matrices and applications:

  • Ability to process samples containing suspended solids
  • Meets requirements for solid-phase extraction for U.S. EPA methods including 500 and 600 series

Recommended use:

  • Analyze prepared samples with Thermo Scientific LC or GC systems for a fully integrated workflow
  • Cartridges w/ 6 mL plungers (cat. No 071385)
  • Disk 47 mm (cat. No 071386)
  • Cartidges w/ 1 mL plungers (cat. No 072604)
  • Cartridge w/ 3 mL plungers (cat. No 072605)
  • Cartridges w/ 6 mL plungers (cat. No 072606)

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SPE SolEx Cartridges 44.00 KB 4 downloads


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