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Project Description

Dionex™ ASE™ 350 Accelerated Solvent Extractor

Automate extraction, filtration and clean up of compounds from solid and semisolid samples in minutes using the automated Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ASE™ 350 Accelerated Solvent Extractor.

This system accommodates sample sizes of 1-100 g, allows unattended extraction of up to 24 samples and uses 50 to 90% less solvent compared to other methods. The chemically inert pathway supports acid and alkaline sample matrices and solvents. Flexible, easy-to-operate and cost-effective, the Dionex ASE 350 is ideally suited for high-throughput laboratories and for a wide variety of applications. Using organic acids and aqueous solvents or acids and bases at high temperatures and pressures, the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ASE™ Accelerated Solvent Extraction system extracts compounds from solid and semi-solid samples quickly with small solvent volume. You will save time, solvent, and money, and generate results in a fraction of the time compared to traditional techniques such as Soxhlet or sonication.

Rapid and efficient extractions:

  • Elevated temperature (up to 200°C) and pressure (1500psi) reduce extraction times and solvent consumption
  • Fast pump (70mL/min.) enables fast extractions (typically 12-20 minutes)
  • Specialized oven design ensures precise temperature control for excellent reproducibility
  • Integrated solvent controller allows mixing and delivery of up to three solvents
  • The Thermo Scientific™ SmartRun™ System ensures cell size and collection vessel size are matched for an optimal extraction

Enhanced flexibility to support multiple applications:

  • System accommodates 1, 5, 10, 22, 34, 66 and 100mL cell sizes
  • pH-hardened pathway with Thermo Scientific™ Dionium™ components and cell enables compatibility with acid or alkaline pretreated matrices

Dramatically reduced solvent consumption:

  • Requires less than 50mL solvent for a 20g sample
  • Includes solvent saver mode for further solvent savings

Enhanced laboratory productivity:

  • System holds up to 24 samples for unattended operation
  • Flow-through technology allows in-line filtration and in-cell cleanup

Recommended Use:

Use in conjunction with the Thermo Scientific™ Rocket™ Evaporator to optimize sample preparation workflow and to maximize laboratory productivity.

Collection Vial Tray:
26-position tray insert for 60mL vials; 19-position tray insert for 250mL bottles

Collection Vials:
60mL; 250mL

Extraction Cell Tray:
24 cell positions, two rinse positions, automatic home position sensing, can perform multiple extractions per cell

Extraction Cells:
1; 5; 10; 22; 34; 66; 100mL

Extraction Fluids:
Compatible with a wide range of organic and aqueous solvents

Fluid Sensors:

Height (English):

Height (Metric):


Pneumatic Requirements:
Air at 400-827kPa (60-120psi); N2 at 1034x-1340kPa (150-200psi)


Weight (English):

Weight (Metric):

Width (English):

Width (Metric):

Depth (English):

Depth (Metric):

Power Consumption:
500 Max VA


Pump Flow:

Extractor Only (120 V or 240 V) (cat. No. 083114 or 083146)

10 mL System Bundle (120 V or 240 V) ((cat. No. 083115 or 083151)

22mL System Bundle (120 V or 240 V)

22mL System Bundle with Chromeleon 7.2 (120 V or 240 V) (cat. No. 083099 or 083132)

  • 34mL System Bundle (120 V or 240 V) (cat. No. 083121 or 083153)
  • 66 mL System Bundle (120 V or 2 40 V) (cat. No. 083112 or 083134)
  • 100 mL System Bundle (120 V or 240 V) (cat. No. 083126 or 083157 )

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