Project Description

acquray® Series

Enter a new world of TOC analysis

A completely new approach to easy TOC & water analysis

The new acquray® series is designed for highest flexibility in routine TOC & water analysis and brings a new level of efficiency and reliability to labs around the world. Samples get digested via chemical oxidation supported by strong UV radiation which enables a complete digestion even of demanding organic samples.
The most outstanding feature of the acquray® system is the modular concept, which allows the measuring system to be tailored to the user’s requirements. The basic module can be extended by additional modules at any time, enabling the analysis of total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP) in liquids and the total organic carbon (TOC), ROC and TIC in solids in one device.

More outstanding features are:

  • Designed for maximum robustness and minimum maintenance
  • Developed and manufactured in house in Germany
  • Analyzes NPOC, TOC, TIC, TC, TN and TP in liquids
  • Analyzes TOC, ROC and TIC in solids
  • LIMS integration possible
  • Industry leading quality & reliability
  • Autosamplers with up to 111 positions
  • Combination of UV and persulfate digestion
  • Injection volumes up to 40 mL for the determination of NPOC, TOC, TIC and TC in liquids
  • Option for colorimetric determination of total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) in liquids
  • Option for determination of TOC, ROC, TIC in solids compliant with DIN 19539
  • Measuring Range from low ppb up to percent carbon in liquids
  • Optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software is available
  • Remote operation possible
  • Fully automatic


  • TN module for total nitrogen in liquids
  • TP module for total phosphorus in liquids
  • Solid module for TOC, ROC and TIC in solids
  • Automated acidification


  • Control and evaluation unit (PC, TFT Screen, Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, Software)
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